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AHL replicas represent the same trucks that you've seen on the highways and streets long ago. While it's a rare treat to see the real models today, you can now collect pieces of history as diverse as the areas they represent!

The Peterbilt Model 260 is based on Peterbilt's first truck, built in 1939. The Canadian Freightways Dry Van and the Navy Gas City Tanker are great examples of how this truck was used. Gopher State Trucking is using a Mack CJ model, which is based on the late 1920s Mack cab-over-engine truck. Mack's also represented by the BM model, which is utilized beautifully as a city delivery truck by Clauson's Bakery and as a stake bed truck by Seattle Bros. Coffee.

Click on the trucks dotting the map and see for yourself why AHL trucks are as great as the originals, only 64 times smaller!