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Try to show us what the truck looked like. It's great if you can
supply photos of: - Front of Cab - Back of Cab - Driver Side of Cab - Passenger Side of Cab - Front of Trailer (if Applicable) - Back of Trailer (if Applicable) - Driver Side of Trailer - Passenger Side of Trailer

Color information

Accurate colors ensure you get a replica of the truck you remember.
We can use: - Pantone (PMS) Color (or) - Dupont Color Code (or) - Physical Paint Sprayout

Cab Type

Although we have several makes that are available upon special request,
we currently produce three different cabs: - Peterbilt Model 260 - Mack CJ - Mack BM

Trailer/Chassis Type

We have a wide variety of trailers that can be paired with any of our
cabs to complete the exact AHL replica you're looking for: - Stake Body - Delivery Body - 32' Dry Van Trailer - 22' Dry Van Trailer - Double Trailers - Drop Side - Canvas Back - City Petroleum Tanker - 32' Tank Trailer


Like what you see so much that you want an AHL truck made for your company? Want to be the coolest company this side of the North Pole? Just as many popular companies have chosen to do before, you can have AHL turn your trucks into American Highway Legends.

Generally, an order of 1,000 units is required to keep your AHL replica aggressively priced but it's a simple process that we can help guide along the way. To produce your truck, the following is ideal: